Operations and Maintenance

With the heavy snowfall and cold temperatures, there has been a lot of snow removal. Approaches graded, but the roads are pretty slippery, so be careful when driving. Even with the warm weather approaching there will be lots of mud, be careful for the puddles and slippery mud.

For any problems with furnace, water heater or sewer please contact the band office at (306) 398-4971. For Problems regarding roads contact Leon Antoine at (306) 441-1049

Water Treatment

The 1.4 million dollar project is now completed Thanks to Bullee Construction we now have clean drinking water. The new facility is built on the north side of the nation. There are two treatment plants with various other pump houses, so the people have unlimited supply. Everyone is hooked up to the line, except in PMR 2, they are still using cisterns.

For any water related questions or concerns, please contact band office at (306) 398-4971.


Gravel is a big commodity in Poundmaker, solely because about a third of it's land is gravel.
There are no services for gravel, out of season.

For any questions or concerns, please contact band office at (306) 398-4971